All campers should come ready to work hard and have fun!

Day Camp Needs:

A Notebook and pen or pencil  to journal In.

Good pair of basketball shoes with socks

A refillable water bottle with your name on it

Daily cold lunch with drink – There are no refrigerators or Microwaves available

Small snack if needed

We will have daily fun things like:

Tye-Dye Tuesday-wear your favorite tye-dyed item to camp

The event will be announced the day before at the end of camp.


Overnight Camp Needs:

The University of St Thomas and Tommie Pride Camps are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items. Please plan accordingly for the entire week. Do not bring stuff that you do not absolutely need.  All campers are responsible for their own items.

Campers will be issued a dorm key at the beginning of camp for their dorm room. If you have a lanyard please bring it with you, its a great way to keep track of your key.  The University may charge up to $100 for lost keys. This is a charge from the college not the camp. A release for the key needs to be signed by the parents when dorm rooms are issued.  So please stress to your daughters the importance of keeping their key with them at all times and to NOT give it out to anyone else to use.

One day during the week the campers will have time to shop at the Tommie Shop if they want to purchase St. Thomas gear.

For the gym

Good pair of basketball shoes – to be worn only on the court

Fresh socks for each day of camp-Some campers need 2 pair daily

Refillable water bottle

T-shirts for each day of camp

Head bands if you have long hair

Backpack or bag to carry your daily camp gear

For the Dorm Room

The dorms are NOT air-conditioned

Bedding: Sleeping bag or XL sheets and blankets for a single bed


Toiletries: Soap/body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, brush,comb,deodorant, personal sanitary items

Shower shoes if desired

Towels for shower

Shoes/flip flops/sandals to wear



Extra clothes: t-shirts, shorts,  sweats

cell-phone chargers

There are no microwaves or refrigerators in dorm rooms

There are vending machines available on lower levels